Friday, 29 November 2013

My Latest Novel for Kids - The Corridor

This is a novel for kids I wrote some time ago and decided to to create a Kindle E-book on Amazon

It is a tale of sci-fi, sorcery and adventure, that penetrates into the heart of ancient Viking society. Suitable for children from around 10 years onwards.  On reading it out to my adult writing group, I found that they too found it interesting and laughed at some of the humour I had included.

Two school friends Franky and Billy, discover an old derelict house and decide to explore it. But their curiosity is about to turn their lives upside down when  a 'Corridor' appears that stretches into infinity. Nervously they enter and emerge the other side over a thousand years in the past in Viking York where they become stuck in time.

In this ancient land, they meet the Abbot - keeper of the 'Wand of the Divine Corridor' - who slowly divulges it secrets...

Any time traveller, using the Corridor has been 'chosen' for a special task. To help in this task, he can metamorphose into anyone he chooses and that includes any hero or super-hero with super-human abilities.

With the help of the Abbot and a Viking Soothsayer named Sivrik, they go from one adventure to another, metamorphosing into their super-heroes and using the powerful magic of Sivrik, on their quest to subdue the violent Norsemen and to encourage' them to lead a more peaceful existence.

The Corridor (ASIN: B00GVGAKKM) can be searched on Amazon of your country or you cn read and extract or download from the following links.. 

The book can also be obtained on Amazon Prime. 

If you get to read this book, please feel free to leave comments on Amazon or come back and leave comments or discuss here.  

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