Friday, 29 November 2013

Gavins Music

Gavin's Music is the result of a challenge that came from my writing group. The challenge was to write a novella in around 6 weeks.  Why 6 weeks? Because a new literary agent in Wales wanted books written about life in Wales.  Fiction was permitted.

Well, although I am Welsh, I have never really gone in for writing about Wales and its culture, but after discussion a with the other group members, I decided that I could come from the angle of what it was like to be a young musician etching out a living from playing the piano/organ keyboards during the 1960s in Wales.  Not that being a musician in Wales was any different to being a musician anywhere else.  During the years I worked professionally, I travelled extensively and the struggle was just the same regardless of location, with full time gigs hard to come by between contracted engagements.

I have created this blog about my writing ventures. This first of which is the aforementioned, Gavin's Music.  Where this venture will lead, I have no idea, not ever having blogged in this way before.  Anyway, back to the novella...

Gavin's Music, was finished and edited in just over 7 weeks. We managed to get an extension on the time, but then a few months later the literary agent just disappeared - I think the company went bust.   The novel has been collecting cyber dust on my hard drive ever since. 

Why an E-book?

I have always had a reluctance, or perhaps I was just plain lazy, to haul large envelopes of my written work to the post office, and then endure the expense of a pre-paid, equally large, return envelopes. Anyway…

Thanks to Amazon Kindle, I can bring out my story and maybe, somebody would be interested enough to spend a few dollars to download.  So there's the reason.

A little about the book.

I think I need to point out that Gavin's Music is a work of fiction, based on my own experiences. In some places I have heavily exaggerated on the experiences and thinking of them that has led my mind to other incidents and in other places, happening to other people.  Some incidents I have played down a little or a lot. I mean for the work to entertain and not have people wondering where there is fact and where there is fiction, but I guess if you're reading this post here, your imagination may have already gone to work on that!

I am not sure where this blog is going, whether people will respond who have read the book, or indeed whether  the good customers of Amazon would be interesting about a tale of a musician's struggle through his adolescence and the nineteen sixties.  So if you downloaded the book and enjoyed it or not, please feel free to post below.

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