Friday, 29 November 2013

Gavins Music

Gavin's Music is the result of a challenge that came from my writing group. The challenge was to write a novella in around 6 weeks.  Why 6 weeks? Because a new literary agent in Wales wanted books written about life in Wales.  Fiction was permitted.

Well, although I am Welsh, I have never really gone in for writing about Wales and its culture, but after discussion a with the other group members, I decided that I could come from the angle of what it was like to be a young musician etching out a living from playing the piano/organ keyboards during the 1960s in Wales.  Not that being a musician in Wales was any different to being a musician anywhere else.  During the years I worked professionally, I travelled extensively and the struggle was just the same regardless of location, with full time gigs hard to come by between contracted engagements.

I have created this blog about my writing ventures. This first of which is the aforementioned, Gavin's Music.  Where this venture will lead, I have no idea, not ever having blogged in this way before.  Anyway, back to the novella...

Gavin's Music, was finished and edited in just over 7 weeks. We managed to get an extension on the time, but then a few months later the literary agent just disappeared - I think the company went bust.   The novel has been collecting cyber dust on my hard drive ever since. 

Why an E-book?

I have always had a reluctance, or perhaps I was just plain lazy, to haul large envelopes of my written work to the post office, and then endure the expense of a pre-paid, equally large, return envelopes. Anyway…

Thanks to Amazon Kindle, I can bring out my story and maybe, somebody would be interested enough to spend a few dollars to download.  So there's the reason.

A little about the book.

I think I need to point out that Gavin's Music is a work of fiction, based on my own experiences. In some places I have heavily exaggerated on the experiences and thinking of them that has led my mind to other incidents and in other places, happening to other people.  Some incidents I have played down a little or a lot. I mean for the work to entertain and not have people wondering where there is fact and where there is fiction, but I guess if you're reading this post here, your imagination may have already gone to work on that!

I am not sure where this blog is going, whether people will respond who have read the book, or indeed whether  the good customers of Amazon would be interesting about a tale of a musician's struggle through his adolescence and the nineteen sixties.  So if you downloaded the book and enjoyed it or not, please feel free to post below.

My Latest Novel for Kids - The Corridor

This is a novel for kids I wrote some time ago and decided to to create a Kindle E-book on Amazon

It is a tale of sci-fi, sorcery and adventure, that penetrates into the heart of ancient Viking society. Suitable for children from around 10 years onwards.  On reading it out to my adult writing group, I found that they too found it interesting and laughed at some of the humour I had included.

Two school friends Franky and Billy, discover an old derelict house and decide to explore it. But their curiosity is about to turn their lives upside down when  a 'Corridor' appears that stretches into infinity. Nervously they enter and emerge the other side over a thousand years in the past in Viking York where they become stuck in time.

In this ancient land, they meet the Abbot - keeper of the 'Wand of the Divine Corridor' - who slowly divulges it secrets...

Any time traveller, using the Corridor has been 'chosen' for a special task. To help in this task, he can metamorphose into anyone he chooses and that includes any hero or super-hero with super-human abilities.

With the help of the Abbot and a Viking Soothsayer named Sivrik, they go from one adventure to another, metamorphosing into their super-heroes and using the powerful magic of Sivrik, on their quest to subdue the violent Norsemen and to encourage' them to lead a more peaceful existence.

The Corridor (ASIN: B00GVGAKKM) can be searched on Amazon of your country or you cn read and extract or download from the following links.. 

The book can also be obtained on Amazon Prime. 

If you get to read this book, please feel free to leave comments on Amazon or come back and leave comments or discuss here.  

Monday, 11 November 2013

Gavin's Music Now Live on Amazon

Well, I've taken long enough, but now I have finally uploaded my first Kindle (e-book), a novel called Gavin's Music onto The novel can be searched on and other international Amazon site by entering ASIN: B00GJXZIS6 in the search box.  Here is a synopsis of the story...

Gavin Wilkins, a small town boy with big dreams wants a piece of the Swinging Sixties for himself and his friends. But when they form a band the realities of such a bold move quickly start to become apparent. It's much harder work than their previous favourite pastime of underage drinking, and when one of their number proves not to have quite what it takes, it falls to Gavin to be the one to ask him to leave the group. The punch on the nose he receives as a result of this is the first of many blows to his naive outlook on life, something that makes him ill prepared for the road he has set himself on.

Tom, Gavin's father is less than pleased with the unpredictable career his son seems so intent on pursuing. He doesn't even try to hide his feelings on the matter but he is not a stereotypical ogre of a parent, he merely wants to protect his son from the possible pitfalls he might face. Naturally, from Gavin's point of view it seems his father is doing all he can to crush his ambitions, and his rebellious streak makes him reluctant to listen to advice.

Without either father or son ever being consciously aware of it, they play out the timeless struggle between the younger generation trying to carve out it's place in the world and the parental generation that in many ways does know better, but in just as many ways may have forgotten how it feels to be young. Though somewhat willing to allow his son to make his own mistakes, Tom despairs at Gavin's apparent determination to make every mistake he possibly can as he lurches from incident to incident along his path to manhood. What keeps him on his son's side is the knowledge that Gavin is a genuinely talented musician and even if the band goes nowhere, which seems inevitable as far as Tom is concerned, his son might actually be able to make his passion his meal ticket.

Gavin's music seems to him to be his passport to easy money and even easier women, and the temptations that come with performing to well pleased audiences threaten to send Gavin off the rails. Though increasingly in demand as a performer, this young man’s enthusiastic discovery of sex keeps a very different sort of performing uppermost in his mind, and his increasing appetite for the booze he can finally afford to drink as much of as he likes hardly helps matters. As far as he is concerned he is exploring a whole world outside his father's experience, of cheering crowds, illegal nightclubs, gambling and eventually mind-expanding drugs enter the equation.

But the equation is soon to be resolved when a fellow performer, a little further down that particular ruinous road pays the ultimate price of the hedonistic approach to life. This forces Gavin to rethink that aspect of his future. But far from becoming more mature, he merely gives the drugs a miss and continues being led by his libido into the exact trouble his father tries to warn him about. He mistakes lust for love more than once and his body is writing cheques his ability to conduct adult relationships can't cash.

Sooner or later the consequences of his promiscuity have to catch up with him and when they do he decides to do 'the decent thing' and leave the music behind for a more stable career. This isn't what he really wants, and his father knows it, and he steps in to save Gavin from himself. This comes as something of a surprise to Gavin, even though Tom has clearly been on his side all along and is far from the 'square' his son thinks he is. His work takes him all over the country, and he knows there are clubs in the North of England crying out for people who can do what Gavin does and willing to pay much more than Gavin can earn locally.

When Gavin leaves home to pursue his career up North, he does so as a father, on the advice of his own father. Once a boy with much to learn, he's learnt just about enough to call himself a man, but he's still got a long way to go...

Gavin's Music is inspired by (but not a literal depiction of) the author's own experiences of growing up on musical stages during the sixties and beyond. But rather than a nostalgic vision of days long gone, it could be more accurately described as a tale that suggests that no matter how much the times seem to change, no matter how technology advances, regardless of passing fashions and the ever increasing price of beer, the basic stuff of life stays exactly the same. Breaking up is hard to do, and growing up can be even harder.

If you get to read the book, it would be appreciated if you could come back with your comments or write a review on Amazon.. Thanks for reading.